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[14 Jul 2008|08:31am]
[ mood | determined ]


i'm glad i got over that plataeu and bping stage. still purging though :-/.

so today i have a meeting at work because were getting a new manager and will be closed next week for renovations. jenn said well be able to go in and help paint and get paid. sign me up!

i'm nervous about today. hanging out with melynda and alexis after maybe cassie and jorge, i'm praying no one gets hungry so food doesn't come up. i'm on abc so 400 cals today. ill write later.



comment to be added &hearts [13 Jun 2008|04:38pm]

Food Count [01 Aug 2005|08:02pm]
Diet Coke
Diet Green Tea = 0

White Rice - 380
Corn - 80
Grapes - 50
= 510 :(

I shouldn't of eatin that rice.

[21 Jul 2005|12:41am]

Friends Only [24 Oct 2004|01:09pm]
Friends Only, Comment To Be Added

My stats...

Age: 17
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135 lbs
Lowest weight: 120ish (not exactly sure)
Highest weight: 168 pounds
STGW: 120 lbs
LTGW: 110 lbs...90lbs

I'm always looking for new people to talk to so don't be scared to comment! :) (If I add you, please add me back.)


[23 Oct 2004|08:33am]
My Pic!Collapse )

[22 Oct 2004|09:44pm]


[18 Oct 2004|10:37pm]
Hey! A little while ago AJ and I created a new pro-ed community, the username for it is _ana_vitality_, the community is there for support on anything and will always be there for you. So please join and fill out an application! :-)

<333 Much Love

[18 Oct 2004|10:29pm]
What does your t-shirt say? by rejektedrockstar
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[18 Oct 2004|06:30pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Hey, well today after school I sort of binged, not really. I had a fake crab meat sandwich and pop corn which came to 310 calories then an hour later I took a nap, I know you shouldn't sleep that close to eating. I just woke up and now I'm drinking a thing of gatorade, 90 cals. When I woke up I felt so dehydrated, I hadn't had anything to drink all day and thought that maybe I should. So after this gatorade it'll be 400 cals, and if I get hungry later I'll make a soup, which would bring my total for the day to 480, which isn't good but atleast under 500 wich is my daily max. :-). UGH I have so much homework, I stayed home so I could do it but what do I do? Sleep. That's what I always do when I have a lot of homework, I don't know why I do it, I don't even mean to. I'm such a procrastinator, it's sad really, a horrible disease.

<333 Much Love


[17 Oct 2004|02:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey! So far today is an awsome day. I woke up at about 940, and Tasha woke up at 10. We went to her house so she could get dressed for the gym and check in with her dad, also grab something to eat. On the way to the gym I ate half of the apple then felt like I was going to throw up so I threw the other half out the window. I was at the gym for about an hour and half, Tasha stayed for an hour but had to leave because of work. I first went on the bikes for a half hour and burned 140 calories. Then I went and worked out on the hip abducters and ab abducter. I did 100 on the inner thigh one, but only 50 on the outer one, and I only did 50 on the ab abducter. Then I hoped on the jogging/ski thingie for 32 minutes. I did 3 miles and burned 370 calories. So my totals for today were 22.5 calories eating, oh plus half a gatorade (50 calories), then burned off 510. I'm going to Mike's today at 3. I'm going to say I had a HUGE lunch and breakfest, my dad made french toast this morning so I'll say I ate that, and for lunch I'll say my dad bought me a sub thingie at Jersey Mike's subs. Even though I havn't eatin there in ages and absolutly hate french toast lol. For dinner I may be screwed, hopefully not. My parents invited Mike and I to go out to dinner with them at Mr. Taco's ( a mexican restaurant as well as my all time FAVORITE restaurant) but I turned them down. So I weighed myself at the gym today, 142! That's 2 pounds in one day! Oh man. I'm excited. lol.

<333 Much Love


[11 Oct 2004|09:09pm]
[ mood | unsure ]

Hey, well today was an "eh ok" day. It went well at first, woke up and went to the gym with Tasha, burned about 500 cals! Then almost reached 24 hours but it's Elise's birthday. It's my fault I ate, I felt bad she was having a crappy day and offered to take her and Tasha out to dinner so I ate. I feel bad that Tasha ate because of me to, but it was to cheer Elise up so I guess in a way it was worth it. So today once again I started a fast at 730 and I'm going to go as long as I possibly can get away with. Tomorrow when I go to the gym I'm going to burn off as many calories as possible to make up for dinner.

I don't know what's up with me lately, I feel weird. Like I'm changing into a different person, not sure if that's normal at 16. I'm feeling more and more like I need control over myself/life. Like today I actually wanted to clean my room, now if you knew me really well you would no that that is amazing. My room is always a complete mess of chaos but I felt the need to clean it, and I did while Tasha watched the whole first season of the simple life on DVD. It's really clean but I feel like it's not good enough, so tomorrow after the gym I'm going to work on it even more. Also I'm not sure or not but am I developing an OCD? Everytime I do something involving numbers it has to end up as a multiple of 5. (Such as 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) And if it's not it drives me insane and I start feeling antsy and start getting an anxiety attack, so is that like an OCD? Or am I just crazy and creating something out of nothing?

I also think I've hit those plateus I'm always hearing about, I'm stuck at a disgusting weight that I don't feel like sharing. Theres this cartoon above the scale at the gym I go to that says "Don't get on it, it will make you cry". Truer words were never spoken. Does anyone have any advice on ways to get over a plateu? Should I increase on excercise and decrease on cals? I feel so confused. Well I'm going to go do my homework, I havn't been doing it lately and I think that's part of the reason I'm so stressed.

<333 Much Love


[09 Oct 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Hey, I'm on hour 16 of my fast, and going strong! Sucky part is I'm going to Mike's today, which means for the second day in a row I won't be able to go the gym!!! So I can't break this fast at Mike's, I wont let myself. Who cares if people will get suspicious, let them think what they want. I don't care anymore. I can't wait to weigh myself though, but I'm not drinking anything till I do, so I have no water weight. So I'm going to be there from about 4 till 1030, which means I'll be there for super time! "I had a late lunch" sounds nice, see his parents believe that but he doesn't. He shoots me this look like "You're not fooling anyone" type of look. I need to lose 20 pounds this month, by Halloween my goal is 122lbs. which means I have 21 days, a pound a day, gr.

Well I'm going to go finish getting ready.

<333 Much Love


[08 Oct 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Tasha and I started a fast, at 11 for me. I'm not sure how long it will be, hmm as long as possible I guess. If you want to join please comment! :-)

<333 Much Love

(And as my mother says, "Don't be a pig and eat." :-) Love my mom and her thinspirational comments.)


[05 Oct 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well I only burned 364 cals at the gym, probably because I was only there for an hour. But it's better than nothing I guess. The gym was like deserted, I'm not sure if I like it with more people or less people there.

Hott Joel say "Hey, how you guys doin?" to Tasha and I when we were on the jogging things.

I saw the new Eminem video, hottness.

October 12 the new Sum 41 CD comes out.

<333 Much Love


[05 Oct 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Hey! Having an awful day, effin period (I'm due in a few days) I had cereal for breakfest (wheat chex 225 cals), 2 poptarts (400 cals), soup on hand (80 cals), and then about a cup of mashed potatoes (??). So that's atleast 705!! Thank God I'm going to the gym at 730 with tasha, until 930. Hopefully I can burn about 800 cals! I need to control myself, this is the second day I've done this. What is wrong with me? I just got to think HARDCORE! MI is hardcore. Well I'm going to go get ready for the gym.

<333 Much Love


[04 Oct 2004|08:25pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I FUCKING HATE BETH! In Mike's poll she said "one week or less" on how long we would last. Fuckin jealous bitch! She has a boyfriend so she needs to lay off mine, shes ugly anyways! FUCK HER!

On a lighter note, went to the gym today with Tasha. Burned 400 cals! But then again i also ate like a pig, think it has something to do with being due for my period. I had a banana, soup on hand, and some chili AND mashed potatoes AND some corn chips. I am disgusting, thank God I'm going to the gym tomorrow! Well I'm really tired, gnight.



[03 Oct 2004|10:38pm]
Oh, btw...Dear Hearts didn't have any malt stuff left...no shake.

[03 Oct 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Hey! Today Tasha, Sherri, Shana, and I went to W.O.W to sign up. Shana and I did and Tasha is tomorrow, I'm so souped about it! I can't wait to go! I'm also probably getting a job there in child care.

More importantly, the bad part of my day...

(copy and pasted from an IM I sent mike, explaining why I didn't answer my cell and what happened.)

elise really wanted a malt shake, so since we were down the street from dear hearts i said id take her there, i park in a parking lot (since i cant parrallel park) and lock the door. As soon as i shut the door i relized my keys were in the car. i was like "FUCK!!!!" and hit my car, twice lol, thats how mad i was. So we call her sister to ask her to pick me up and bring me to my house, to try to break in. i wouldve called my parents but i told them i was at a restaurant and would be home at 930 when in reality just wanted to hang out with my friends, teach me to lie! So i get to my house and while were trying to break into my house me and elise step in a huge ass pile of dog shit, oh yey. Finally its 847, a half hour after i called my parents telling them i was eating, so its safe to call them now, they were just leaving a restaurant in pawtucket. About 15 minutes later they get home, i get a key and marie (elise's sister) brings us to my car. As I'm backing out its pitch black down there, with no lights and cars in the parking lot, i hit a car with my rear, no damage so i leave, my first hit and run.

Ok I'm done.

<333 Much Love


[02 Oct 2004|12:02pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Thought I'd share that I'm on hour 12 of my fast, eh no big deal.

<333 Much Love


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